Project Year Language(s) Description

SPEC Cloud IaaS 2016
2016 (Python) SPEC's first multi-cloud IaaS benchmark, based on CloudBench

VM Fault Tolerance for QEMU/KVM
2014 (C) RDMA-accelerated implementation of Micro Checkpointing / VM Fault Tolerance

MICA: Memory-Interposed Chinese Assistant
2014 (Python) Language-Learning Software which makes a library-experience out of reading existing Chinese literature / online content by memorizing which words you know and don't know.

Luvi: A distributed parallel video transcoder
2013 (C) A parallel master/slave farm architecture for libav ffmpeg libraries

RDMA Live VM Migration for QEMU/KVM
2013 (C) Live VM Migration over RDMA / RoCE / Infiniband interconnects.
CloudBench: Cloud Rapid Experimentation and Analysis Toolkit
2012 (Python) The greatest tool to benchmark (or break) your IaaS cloud
KVM Virtual Machine on ARM processors w/ Android 2009 (C) An attempt to port the Linux Kernel Virtual Machine to ARMv5 processors.
(CIVIC) VM Memory Over-subscription to Network RAM 2009 (C and Python) A Non-Shared Global Memory System based on the Xen Virtualization Platform: provides cluster RAM for un-modified virtual machines.
Post-Copy Live VM Migration System with Auto-Ballooning 2008/2009 (C and Python) A Xen-based Live Migration improvement, where pre-copy is reversed by sending CPU state before Memory state
(MemX) Distributed Memory System 2007- 2009 (C) Block-device based Non-Shared Global Memory system in Linux
Satisfiability and Cryptarithm 2007 (Haskell and Prolog) functional solvers for variable inputs.
Route Control Platform 2006 (C and Perl) a BGP improvement to today's AS-level routing architecture. Joint work w/ AT&T's Labs research, New Jersey
NFSv3 / SunRPC Proxy: 2006 (C++) This was a way to virtualize arbitrary file-handles opened on an NFS-mounted filesystem to an arbitrary number of nodes in a cluster.
Network Simulator 2006 (C++ and Java) a full network-simulation including TCP, UDP, ARP, IP, routers, bridges, and hosts
C Compiler 2006 (C) for a subset of C, including grammar, lexical analyzer, semantic parser, translator, and assembly.
Interactive Shell 2005 (C++) basic shell supporting fork, exec, pipes, and signal handling
Architecture Simulations 2005 (C++) including Memory Hierarchy, MIPS VLIW, and Pipeline simulators
Traffic analysis engine
and sniffer
2005 (C++) using raw-sockets and header de-mangling.
Website crawler 2004 (Perl) for systematically parsing particular websites
fsck 2004 (C) A re-implementation of the ext2-checking utility for correcting damaged filesystems.
A Berkeley-DB style
file-storage system
2004 (C) Based on a 3-level layering of blocks and slab-allocation
Protocol Implementations 2003 (Java) including [TCP] and [RIP] Routing Information Protocol
Basic C translator
(a boiled-down compiler)
2003 (ML) written in the O-CAML language
Backend Website Design 2001-2002 (Java, PHP, Perl
Using various databases for various contractors